Top 10 Board Wipes in Magic: The Gathering (MTG) - HobbyLark

Apr 02, 2020·Future of Board Wipes in MTG. We've seen how each color specializes in its own flavor of mass destruction. White and black outright destroy units, red deals damage, blue often bounces (returns to the hand), and green targets flying creatures, but these are generalizations—you'll find a few surprises in each camp.

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List of Magic slang - MTG Wiki

Magic: The Gathering players have invented many new terms over the years the game has existed, covering a wide variety of aspects of the game, from deckbuilding to card mechanics. A(n incomplete) list of these slang terms, abbreviations, and nicknames is listed here. Note that this glossary is not a list of Magic: The Gathering "keywords". Most terms listed below are informal, player-created ...

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